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Start Your Business

Getting Started


If you are starting a business in the Yakima Valley or are thinking about entrepreneurial ventures, you will find that there is a variety of helpful resources available:

We always suggest that entrepreneurs develop a business plan to guide their growth and operations. Our local small business development center (SBDC) can help orient you to the steps involved when launching a business. You can also contact YCDA’s Small Business Support Specialist. Or visit the Small Business Guidance for a step by step list from beginning to end.

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Most new businesses need to obtain a Washington state business license and a Unified Business Identification Number (UBI). In addition, certain business activities require special registration or agency authorization such as selling liquor, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. You can apply online for a Master Business License through the state Department of Revenue.

If your business is located inside a City you will probably need a local business license. Use the Business License Wizard tool located under Licensing Services on the Washington State Department of Revenue’s website. 

You should also be aware of local zoning laws whether you’re starting a home-based business or building a factory. Check in with City Hall (or Yakima County if your business is located in an unincorporated area) to make sure your business is compatible and complying with the local zoning ordinance.

If you are starting a business you also need to understand and comply with tax and government reporting requirements. Another good source of information is the State of Washington’s business tax guide.

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