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The Resources You Need to Succeed in the Aerospace Industry

The Yakima Valley hosts a variety of companies that support Washington State’s aerospace industry.  Whether they make flight landing gear, aircraft interiors, or light sport airplanes, the region’s aviation companies enjoy relatively low operating costs, special state incentives, and a cadre of highly skilled workers.  With affordable real estate options and sites available at the Yakima airport, our region offers expanding aerospace companies the room to grow and the resources they need to succeed.

  • Yakima is proximate to Seattle and one of the world’s largest aerospace production clusters. Aerospace companies located in our metro area can provide just in time support to Boeing and a host of key aerospace suppliers.
  • The Yakima Valley’s lower land, electricity, labor and tax costs can help aerospace companies maintain margins. Companies can typically save 10-20 percent on operating costs in Yakima compared to Seattle and other larger cities.
  • A variety of tax incentives can help expanding aerospace firms reduce operating costs and train key employees.
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