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Agribusiness industry in the Yakima Valley

Fruit juice, canned asparagus, potato chips, wine, dairy products and more. The Yakima Valley’s cornucopia of agricultural products combined with well-developed supplier networks and infrastructure, a skilled labor force, and pro-business communities create an ideal climate for your agriculture and food processing operations.

  • Yakima County’s access to high quality farm products make it an excellent location for food processing operations. The region grows 39 commodities and has the largest concentration of farm animals in the Pacific Northwest United States (Yakima County the 12th largest agricultural producing county in the nation).
  • The region’s extensive supplier network (trucking, metal fabrication, packaging, etc.) can capably support new or expanding food processing companies.
  • Inter-modal transportation options and access to foreign markets through the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma provide farmers and food processors cost effective logistics.
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