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About YCDA

What We Do

Yakima County Development Association is a 501(c)(3) organization
that improves the economy and livability of Yakima County.

We Win When We Work Together

Our specific work includes…

  • Workforce Development: Train, Attract & Retain.
  • Build Local Business: Fostering Success and Growth with our Local Business Community
  • Business Recruitment: Bring New Industry, Jobs, and Investment to Yakima County.
  • Infrastructure Development: Develop Infrastructure for a Thriving Economy.

Using our knowledge of the community and our economic development skills to benefit the community members and entities, as determined by the Board of Directors.

Our Economic Impact

The economic impact of YCDA’s work is significant – facilitating $500+ million in investments in Yakima County businesses and creating/retaining 10,500+ jobs.

Our results stem from team efforts, the support of our partners, and the companies who have invested in the Yakima Valley 

Our Promise to Yakima County

Our professional staff delivers no-cost services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, all-sized businesses, franchises, global corporations, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our specific work includes:

  • Daily outreach and engagement with businesses
  • Business & Talent Attraction
  • Site Selector Inquires & Follow up
  • Facilitate local planning, revitalization and development
  • Training in English and Spanish

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