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Resources for all businesses, including BIPOC owned and women owned

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Small Business Intake Form

Suppose you are starting a business in the Yakima Valley or considering entrepreneurial ventures. 

You’ll discover a variety of helpful resources are available. The YCDA Business Intake Form aims to streamline our assistance process, enabling us to better grasp your unique business needs and offer tailored guidance.  

You can reach out to YCDA’s Bilingual Business Development Manager or Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Certified Advisor.  The form is divided into three different phases; choose the one that best fits your needs. 

This phase is designed to gather information about the entrepreneur’s business concept, their relevant experience, and the ownership structure. It aims to assess their preparedness, background, and initial business model to understand how serious and committed they are to starting their business.

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This phase is tailored for businesses that are primarily focused on growth and customer retention. It aims to identify their growth strategies, financial performance, and areas where they seek assistance for expansion. Advisors in this phase help business plan for sustainable growth and increased customer loyalty.

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In this phase, the focus shifts to established business. The goal is to understand their current challenges, goals, operational processes, and strategies. Entrepreneurs in this phase are looking for assistance with existing business operations and are exploring directions for growth or optimization.

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Join the thriving small business community in Yakima County! Take advantage of YCDA’s specialized Digital and Financial Education workshops, explore our website, attend our events, and complete the YCDA Business Intake Form for personalized assistance—all in the confidence that your information is treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

Thank you for choosing the Yakima County Development Association as your partner in small business success!

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