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2022 Yakima County Wage & Benefits Survey

A Photo of Manufacturing Workers.

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The Yakima County Development Association (YCDA), the South Central Workforce Council (SCWDC), and the Yakima Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (Yakima SHRM) are pleased to present the “2022 Yakima County Wage & Benefits Survey: Distribution, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Packing, Warehousing.”

Fifty-three businesses participated in the survey and provided data for more than 14,000 workers in the Yakima Valley. Information reported includes, demographics, health care benefits, paid time off, hiring practices, and hourly wages and salaries for over 105 occupations. All information in the report is summarized so that no individual business can be identified.

The report also includes a forecasted increase in employment of nearly 1,500 jobs at distribution, food processing, manufacturing, packing, and warehousing businesses. The Social & Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) at Washington State University conducted the survey on behalf of the YCDA, SCWDC, and Yakima SHRM.

Rises in the state minimum wage, the impacts of COVID-19, and irregular unemployment levels have disrupted the Yakima Valley Labor Market. The information presented in this report provides a benchmark for understanding how these changes have impacted employee wages and benefits.

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