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Empowering Growth with SIED Funding – City of Moxee

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The Supporting Investment in Economic Development (SIED) Program propels infrastructure projects forward, stimulating private investment and creating jobs. 

Earlier this year, the City of Moxee was awarded a $718,702 grant and $718,702 loan package totaling $1,437,404 through Yakima County’s SIED Program to fund upgrades to its municipal water transmission and storage system.  The City is contributing $1,146,183 to construct phase 1 of the project.

The City’s water supply has reached capacity, and these planned upgrades to its water transmission system are required to meet future residential and industrial demand as well as create redundancy to increase municipal fire protection.

With over 340 acres of industrial land available within the City’s UGA, these water system enhancements will lay the foundation for Moxee’s future prosperity.  The economic impact of this acreage at full buildout would create an estimated 3,740 jobs at the current occupational average hourly wage of $30.92 for typical warehousing and manufacturing clusters.  An estimated $264 in private investment is projected for every dollar of SIED funding.  Construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

Stay tuned for more updates on projects supported by the SIED Program.  For more information on the SIED Program contact Joe Schmitt Economic Development Manager at the Yakima County Development Association (YCDA).

About the SIED Program:  The Supporting Investment in Economic Development (SIED) Program helps fund public infrastructure projects that drive economic growth and enhance community development.  Since 1999 the program has invested over $70 million in 160 local infrastructure projects throughout Yakima County.  Companies supported by these projects have invested over $145 million in new facilities and created over 2,800 new jobs.

For more information about the SIED Program visit the Doing Business Page on our website.

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