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Yakima County delegation in D.C. for prioritized projects

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DRYVE TransAction Delegation

In March 2024 a delegation from Yakima County visited Washington, D.C. advocating for funding for prioritized transportation projects.  The delegation included representatives from the DRYVE TRANS-ACTION Group.

Members of the delegation include: (Left to Right): Mike Battle (HLA Engineering, Jonathan Smith (YCDA), Commissioner Amanda McKinney (Yakima County), Michael Grayum (City of Zillah), Mayor Roger Bell (City of Selah), Rocky Wallace (City of Selah).

Commissioner McKinney had this to say about the delegation trip, “The Yakima Valley continues to see a high success rate for funding our regionally significant projects due to the immense cooperation and collaboration amongst our stakeholders.  Our supportive nature is very clear when we advocate for projects and is seen as a breath of fresh air when we meet with federal agencies who are looking to invest in communities that work closely together.  We continue to demonstrate that we are a highly effective team in selecting, promoting, and ultimately completing projects, achieving and exceeding our desired outcomes.”

TRANS-Action and DRYVE are nonprofits comprised of public agencies, local businesses, agricultural and tourism-based industries, elected officials, and private citizens.  Collectively, TRANS-Action serves as one voice advocating transportation services and infrastructure in upper Yakima County.  Whereas DRYVE addresses rural transportation needs in the lower Yakima Valley.

Below is an overview of the DRYVE TRANS-ACTION Prioritized Projects:

  • City of Union Gap: Regional Beltway Connector
  • City of Selah: Fruity Pebbles
  • WSDOT: I-82 East-West Corridor
  • WSDOT: Heritage Connectivity Trails
  • WSDOT: US 97 Safety Corridor
  • CITY OF ZILLAH: Cheyne Road Widening and Pedestrian Facilities

To learn more about the above projects visit the DRYVE TRANS-ACTION Website. Stay tuned for updates on the delegation’s progress and the impact of these transportation endeavors on the future of Yakima County.  

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