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YCDA Round Table: Preparing for Washington’s Clean Building Standard

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The Washington Clean Buildings Standard was signed into law in 2019. It’s objective is to lower costs and pollution from fossil fuel consumption in the state’s existing buildings, especially large commercial buildings.

Compliance with the standard is mandatory for all covered commercial buildings located in the state of Washington, starting in 2026. A covered commercial building is a building where the sum of nonresidential, hotel, motel and dormitory floor areas exceed 50,000 gross square feet, excluding the parking garage area.

Experts in this area including the Washington State Department of Commerce, Pacific Power, Associated General Contractors of Washington, and more presented on how businesses can prepare for this standard.

The round table addressed the following:

  • What is the clean building standard?
  • What does the standard require and when?
  • What incentives are available?
  • How can my utility providers help?
  • What service providers are available to assist?
  • How do I get started?
An Image of the logos of the presnteing organizations in the round table

Watch the Round Table

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